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photo (12)The Value of Massage

Throughout history we have used our hands to impart comfort and healing to one another. The human touch is warmth, reassurance that we are not alone, and it helps give our being a sense of worth. Our sense of touch is registered by our skin which is the largest, most sensitive organ of the body. As a developing embryo in the mother’s womb, the skin arises from the same cell layer as our nervous system. Able to give and receive vast amounts of information, it could be seen as the external portion of the nervous system.

The intent that we impart while giving a massage makes all the difference to the effect. When we lay our hands on another being with love and compassion many subtle changes occur. Gentle holding and touching given with great tenderness, causes transformations both physically and psychologically.

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Skeletal System

Correct posture and balance are maintained, and muscular tension which eventually causes structural problems, is reduced. The flow of nutrients to the bones is increased, and the elimination of waste matter is promoted.

Muscular System

Muscle tension is relieved and spasms are relaxed. The supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles is increased. Waste matter from muscles (lactic acid) is eliminated. Tone is restored to flaccid muscles due to inactivity from illness or injury. Muscle adhesions from injury are eliminated or prevented, and flexibility of joints is increased.

Circulatory System

Blood circulation is improved, and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells is increased. Strain on the heart is eased especially in cases of forced inactivity. Lymph is moved efficiently throughout the body, strengthening the immune system and illuminating toxic waste.

Nervous System

The nervous system can be either sedated or stimulated depending on the technique, and the nervous system can be balanced, thereby affecting all the systems of the body.

Respiratory System

Breathing patterns and long term respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis may be improved.

Digestive and Urinary Systems

Waste products are pushed out of the system, maintaining regularity and relieving constipation. The kidneys are massaged thereby cleansing the blood and toning entire system, and swelling is reduced due to the elimination of fluids.